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17.April -19.April 2020
The main arena, VIP rooms and locker rooms also have wheelchair access Tondiraba Icehall

Tondiraba Icehall

Tondiraba Icehall

Welcome to Tondiraba Ice Hall!

Tondiraba Ice Hall is the first building in the large Tondiraba Sports Centre complex. The three-storey multifunctional Tondiraba Ice Hall includes a 5,840-seater main arena and three practice halls. The main arena is suitable for practices and competitions of figure skating, ice hockey, handball, gymnastics and other sports. The model main arena is ideally suited for hosting concerts, because particular attention has been paid to achieving an enjoyable acoustic effect. The two other practice halls in the Ice Hall can be used for figure and speed skating and playing ice hockey. The third practice hall is created especially for practising and competing in curling.

The usable space in the building is 20,578 m2. The building is surrounded by a parking lot for 500 vehicles. 

13 locker rooms, 12 drying rooms for drying hockey clothes, medical and drug point, gym, choreography room and team exercise room equipped with a special exercise machine are located in the vicinity of practice halls 1 and 2. The Ice Hall also includes a skate rental, skate sharpening point and laundry.

Athletes and visitors with special needs have access to every floor with an elevator and wide corridors. The main arena, VIP rooms and locker rooms also have wheelchair access.

Tondiraba Icehall
Tondiraba Icehall



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Tondiraba Icehall

Tondiraba Icehall

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Tondiraba Icehall

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